best white wooden counter stools reviews can guide you to choose the best one. They utilize vertical space which means they give you more room to move about, they are stylish, and they are very diverse. You can use a kitchen counter stools for your kitchen counter, for any high top table, or even for your white wood vanity! All in all, it is an excellent purchase.

Keep in mind though that bar stools and white wooden stool are interchangeable words, bar stools are more than 24 inches off the ground, which makes them higher than counter stools. Very low ones will be considered white wooden step stools though!

That was some interesting trivia, and here are the five best white wood bar stools and counter stools.


Best White Wooden Counter Stools Reviews

  • Angel Line Cambridge Saddle Counter Stools
  • AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wood Counter Stool
  • TMS 30 inch Virginia Cross Back Stools
  • Target Marketing Systems Arizona Wooden Saddle Stool 
  • Winsome 53784 Tabby Stool

Reviews of The Best White Wooden Counter Stools

Here are the reviews of the five best white wood bar stools and white counter stools. 

1- Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool

Amazon Basics Classic Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Kitchen Counter Stool with Foot Plate 24 Inch, White, Set of 2
  • Set of two saddle-seat counter stools with foot rests
  • Sturdy solid wood construction with A-frame design and square legs
  • Contoured saddle-seat provides even weight distribution up to 220 pounds
  • Ideal for counter-height surfaces such as kitchen islands, work tables, home bars, and more
  • Classic design fits in with both contemporary and traditional decor

Key Features 

  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 18.1 x 13.4 x 29 inches
  • It has a white finish and gray upholstered seat
  • Perfect for any countertop or high table


This white wooden counter stool is very easy to assemble. The assembly that is required is minimum, all the holes align with each other and the screws fit in easily as well.

After putting the stools together we noticed that it is a very good looking wooden counter stools. They fit in easily with any white décor and add a lot to the décor overall. 

The fact that they come in pairs is great because the stools complement each other very well and do not feel off in the room environment.

They are very well built white wood counter stools.

They seem to be very sturdy and we believe they will last us for a long time. The legs are hardwood and there is no chipping, flaking, or softness to the feel of the wood.

The leather cover that these stools come with is very soft and makes the stool comfortable to sit on for a long time.

We like the fact that even after some weeks of use the stools did not begin to wobble.

One of the reasons for that might be the fact that they are quite low, almost like white wood step stools! 

Overall these stools are very affordable and offer excellent value for money.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Very affordable
  • Not very tall

2- AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wooden Counter Stool

Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool with Cushion, 29" Set of 2, White with Gray
  • White finish with gray upholstered seat, set of 2
  • Plush cushioned seat with nail head trim
  • 29" seat height
  • Assembly required
  • This Cambridge 29" padded stool in white with gray upholstered seat and with nail head trim is perfect for any counter space or high top table

Key Features 

  • Weight: 21.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.6 pounds
  • Pair of Saddle-seat stools with footrests
  • Solid wood construction with square legs
  • Can handle up to 220-pound weight distribution
  • Perfect for countertops
  • Fits in with contemporary and traditional designs
  • Easy to assemble


These white wood counter stools are also very easy to assemble. However, keep in mind that you do need a drill on hand to assemble them.

We noticed that they are made of very heavy wood, which contributes to the stools being very sturdy.

They have a very good quality finish as well so they will not get damaged easily.

They seemed to be quite durable as well and we are hoping they will last us for quite a while.

However, the weight of the wood is mostly concentrated on the seat, which leads us to believe that it may tip over if you move around a lot when sitting.

The stools are quite good looking. They fit in nicely with the décor of our home and we believe they will do the same with most common decors.

We do not think that these stools are very high end; they do the job though.

Overall these white counter stools are very inexpensive and offer excellent value for money.

  • Quick assembly
  • Good looking
  • Great price and value for money
  • Need a drill for assembly
  • May tip over

3- TMS 30 inch, Counter Stools with Backs

TMS 30 inch Virginia Cross Back Stools (Set of 2), White/natural
  • Classic style
  • Constructed of rubber wood
  • Wooden seat and cross back
  • Some assembly required; imported
  • Seat measures 19 inches wide by 18 inches deep

Key Features 

  • Weight: 16.5 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 19.6 x 17.7 x 45.7 inches
  • Made of rubberwood
  • Needs to be assembled


These counter stools with backs with a cross back are very easy to put together. We took around twenty minutes to assemble each.

You might need to use wood glue in some chipped or uneven areas to enhance the sturdiness of the stool.

The seat on this white wood counter stools is quite hard and might be uncomfortable on its own. We do suggest that you get some cushions to counter this problem.

The stools also come with a flat back which offers some back support for a limited time. However, sitting on this stool for a long time might be a little uncomfortable.

The legs on these stools, though sturdy, are quite narrow. This means that on rough use the stool might tip over.

These are light-duty chairs and might not last you a very long time if you are not careful with them.

These stools are very good looking and fit in with the décor of our house very well.

Overall these white wooden counter stools are very inexpensive and offer excellent value for money.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good looking
  • Inexpensive
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Unsupportive back
  • Can tip easily

4- Target Marketing Systems Arizona Cheap Counter Stools

Target Marketing Systems 30-Inch Arizona Wooden Saddle Stool, White
  • The Saddle Stool Measures 18" X 9" X 30" and Weighs 13 Lbs. Arrives with Only Minimal Assembly Required.
  • Perfect for a Home Bar, Kitchen Island, or Outdoor Patio Entertainment Space, this Stool is an Amazing Investment. With Smooth, Rounded Edges and a Curved Seat, the Saddle Stool is a Comfortable Choice.
  • A Simple, but Contemporary Design, the Wooden Stool can Fit in with Any Home Décor. It is Surely a Piece Any Minimalist or Modern Design Fan will Love.
  • Made from High Quality Rubber Wood, the Counter Height Stools are Sturdy, Durable, and Easy to Maintain.
  • Innovation, Quality and Affordability have been Primary Goals of Targeting Marketing Systems Since 1985. Trust TMS to Bring a Practical and Elegant Enrichment to Your Home.

Key Features 

  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 30 inches
  • Perfect for all countertops 
  • Contemporary design can fit in with any décor
  • High-quality rubberwood construction


This white wooden counter stool is very easy to assemble. It took us around fifteen minutes to put it together without any issues.

After assembly, we were truly able to admire how good looking this wooden counter stools are. It is purely white and fits in very nicely with the décor of our house.

It is a very sturdy stool made out of a hardwood. We do believe that it will last us for quite a long time and it will also not be easy to tarnish.

There were some blemishes on some of the parts which probably occurred during shipping. Since the stool is completely white they were a little noticeable but nothing that could not be fixed.

After a few weeks of use, this white wooden counter stools became a little bit wobbly. 

Overall this white wood counter stools is very inexpensive and offers excellent value for money.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very good looking
  • Sturdy
  • Great value for money
  • Blemishes during shipping
  • Get wobbly after some time

5- Winsome 53784 Low Back Counter stools – 24 inch Counter Stools

Winsome 53784 Tabby Stool, White
  • Solid wood bar stools; set of 2
  • White frame with natural beechwood beveled seat
  • ships fully assembled
  • contemporary styling
  • Available in 24" or 30" Height in beechwood Espresso, Cherry, White/Natural

Key Features 

  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 24 inches
  • Set of two wood bar stools
  • Beechwood beveled seat
  • Contemporary design
  • Weight Capacity of 220 pounds
  • No assembly required


Hands down one of the best things about this set of white wooden counter stools are that it does not require any assembly whatsoever. You just pull it out of your packaging and start using it.

They are very good-looking stools and fit in very easily with the décor of our house.

They are of the perfect height from most counter tops. These stools are not as tall as bar stools and not as low as white wood step stools either.

Because of the good height, we noticed that these wooden counter stools slightly wobble after some use. This is mostly expected from high stools.

Overall the stools seem to be very sturdy and will probably last us for quite a white.

They also have a high quality feel to them which only adds to their appeal.

Overall these white wooden counter stools are inexpensive and offer excellent value for money.

  • No assembly required
  • Very good looking
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive and excellent value for money
  • Wobble after a little bit of use


All of the white wood counter stools that we have reviewed are excellent and will be very useful for you. However, out of all these stools. The set that we found was the best was Winsome 53784 Tabby Stool.

They are of the perfect height for any countertop and are extremely good looking as well. They may wobble a little bit but that is to be expected from any high stool!

Why Should You Buy a Kitchen Counter Stools?

There are countless reasons to buy a white wooden step stool. The most common reason is to place them at kitchen counters when you have to eat with a single companion or alone. You can also use counter stools for sitting on during a quick snack.

When you have a white wooden counter stool at hand in your house, it just makes for extra space when you have people over. You will not have trouble seating extras at your table at unexpected times either.

You can also use your wooden counter stools outside the kitchen and dining room as well.

I think counter stools make for excellent vanity stools as well. You can also prop them up in your hallway or corridor as a statement furniture piece. 

Stools are extremely versatile pieces of furniture and you can put them up anywhere and they will fit.

Things to Look For When Buying a White Wooden Counter Stool

When buying a white wood counter stool, look for the following features:

  • Weight Capacity

Make sure the stool you are buying can seat at least a 200-pound person. If your white wood bar stool seems as it will crumble under the extra weight it will probably not last you for a long time. 

  • Height From The Ground

Make sure the stool is tall enough to reach the countertop you want it to reach. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so tall that it would be difficult to sit on or be too far above the countertop for comfort.

You must have the appropriate measurements to make sure you get the correct height from the vendor or online.

  • Back Support

Many white wooden bar stools come with flat or curved backs. If you have a choice between the two, we suggest you go for a curved back since that will offer more support and enable you to remain seated on the stool for a long time.

  • Color Scheme

White bar stools are very stylish pieces of furniture. Make sure you get the right shade for your room.

For example, if you have a monochromatic white theme going in your room with a single shade of white, a slightly off shade of the stool will throw you off every time you enter the room.

  • Quality

Make sure the stool feels sturdy when you use it. A little wobbling is to be expected from a high stool but It should not be present right off the bat. Other than that, make sure you can sit on it for extended time periods without feeling like it will break. If your stool is not of great quality, you will have to buy it over and over again.

There are also many types of best counter stools that can also be used as outdoor counter stools.  You can find them as rustic counter stools or you can have vintage counter stools.

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Where can you find cheap Counter stools?

You can have amazon counter stools or you buy other cheap counter stools from the shops near you. However, the best counter stools can be available from the amazon.

How to Maintain a White Wooden Counter Stool?

There is a specific way in which you should approach the maintenance of a white wooden counter stool. Since it is a wooden piece of furniture, make sure it is varnished and finished off very well. 

The thing with white wooden furniture is that it gets dirty very easily. The best way to maintain it is to prevent it from getting stained at all, and if it does get stained to remove it as quickly as possible.

If you use a lot of water to clean it, it is likely that the water will seep into the wood, puff it up, and make the stool unsightly.

 Other than that, make sure you keep the stool in a dry environment. If you keep it in a wet and humid area like a bathroom the wood will suffer still.

Clean it with a damp cloth as often as possible and apply varnish to make the finish waterproof if you think it is needed.

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